What are Teacup Pigs?

Teacup pigs are also termed as micro, mini, miniature or nano pigs. They are the unique variety of pigs having a very small size at the time of birth. These pigs grow rapidly during initial stages and become approximately 100 pounds in weight till they reach the age of 3. The astonishing fact about these pigs is that they can still reproduce before this age and their body keeps on growing. These pets were introduced in the US in 1986 and thereafter, the trend is on the track.

Teacup pigs are studied by scientists throughout the world and there are many varieties developed for genetic variations in these pets. Micro Teacup pigs are also available in other parts of the world and they reach to maximum 15 inches height. You need to consider a few things while purchasing a teacup pig. It should give you immense pleasure to buy a pig and you need to be fully committed to take care of them. Teacup pig should become a part of your family and you will be responsible for upbringing them in the same way as you do for your kids.

What are Teacup Pigs?

There are many people who take responsibility of these creatures, but can’t fulfill it due to their busy schedules.

You need to make sure that you can give time, efforts and attention to these pets and they will respond in the same manner. They will adore you and steal your heart with their naughty habits. They are social animals and quite witty to learn new tricks from you in the least time. They are clever animals and you will have to fix meals for them to make sure that they don’t eat too much in between. They should be given balanced diet, including pig food, seasonal fruits, vegetables and other healthy eatables.