Train your Teacup Pet in the Best Way

Teacup pigs are very popular pets and people love them for their cuteness. These pets were a formation from the genetic interlinking and vet scientists made their best efforts to generate a newer version of pigs having maximum height of 16 inches and adults get no more weight than 125 pounds. Teacup Pigs are very tiny at their birth time and weigh only 10 ounces and the size of a teacup.

Teacup pigs are very active creatures having an urge to eat everything coming in their way. Feeding your pet with the balanced diet is very essential as teacup pets get obese very soon. They should be given all fruits and vegetables with limited quantities of dry nuts. You should make fresh water bowl available near their food to make sure that they remain hydrated throughout the day. These animals don’t sweat and hence, you have to be careful in keeping adequate water level in their body.

Your teacup pig will require time to set in your home. These pets can be trained very easily. They understand your gestures and within a span of time, you will feel that they understand your language also. You can take training tips from the breeder from whom you are purchasing the pet. They will let you know about the traits of the pet and the ways to handle them. It will be a great experience for you to train a witty animal like mini pig. Make sure that you carry a lot of patience while making your pet understand several things. They are smart animals having social nature to make you feel great from inside.

You need to protect your teacup pig like your own child. The bedding should be appropriate with blanket to make them cozy. You will love the company of these animals and they will respond in a great way to all your instructions.