Bring the Joy of Teacup Pig at Home

There are different breeds of mini pigs available with breeders. The word teacup refers to the small sized pigs having the size of a tea cup after their birth. These animals are witty and understand your gestures very well.

These small creatures are easy pets to deal with and you will enjoy their company. These animals have life expectancy of about 20 years and can lead a healthy life with the support of their masters. Pot belly pigs are popular for houses and they are even kept at farms for security from mice.

Bring the Joy of Teacup Pig at Home

The color of Micro teacup pigs varies for different breeds and they are available in black, grey, fawn or white color with different marks or spots on the body. There are some animals having pink skin and they look really cute like soft toys. Newborn teacup pigs have pinkish color and they soon grow up with different color tones. White pigs are rare, but look amazing and are highly in demand. They are the resultant of selective breeding and are termed as Royal Whites. They have different toned eyes and appear impressive.

The actual height of an adult teacup pig should be no longer than 12 inches, but some of them grow a bit longer. It depends on the body structure of the parents and the little pets get dazzling appearance with all physical traits administered well by the breeders. The breeders from different countries make their efforts to get the best breeds of these animals and get higher amounts by selling the exclusive teacup animals. These animals are easy to train and if the owner is leading a disciplined life, the animals will automatically adopt their way of living. The general characteristics of animals are similar with variations in their skin tone, eye color and other features.